Are food trucks the future of the restaurant industry?

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Are food trucks the future of the restaurant industry?

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The Food Truck world is exploding. 

Firstly, food trucks are popping up in every city around the world. Secondly, the number of business applications for food trucks seems limitless. From brand advertising to product launches. Food trucks offer an easy way to engage with a community.

How expensive is it to operate a food truck?

2-3 employees, the truck, the food. The expenses add up. Plus if you are an elite brand like Chanel or Polo. And you want to engage the community, you will need a brand ambassador. Ie, a young and well spoken, usually good looking representative of the brand.

Can you monitor the performance?

So imagine you are the head of marketing for Brand X and you engage a food truck or a few. Your plan is simple. Plaster the trucks in your logos and relevant materials. Make your products uber out there. Nobody walking by your trucks will miss the product you are pushing. But, after giving away 10,000 free slices of pizza. How do you know if anyone is gonna jump online and buy your product?

Artificial Intelligence technologies have been developed by marketing firms to pinpoint the ideal spots. Those juicy city corners where 30% of foot traffic has a potential interest in your product.

Advanced analytics can also pinpoint the specific geographic area of website hits. 

So afterwards you can decide if it was money well spent, or $30,000 in the trash bin?

In conclusion, many argue that the only really efficient way to market is through online ads where you can measure clicks. However, there is something to be said for being able to engage directly with your community.

Lastly, the three leading players in this field are Roaming Hunger, Food Truck Promotions & New York Food Truck Association

Are food trucks the future of the restaurant industry?